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Sustainability 103:  </br> It’s all in the details

Sustainability 103:
It’s all in the details

When building a wardrobe one is often told to make it out of pieces that are easily combined together in  order to come up with great variety, and to aim to collect certain basic pieces.

Which is true, and makes for  good advice, but a big part of an out t is not necessarily in the clothes itself, but rather of how they are worn  and how they have been accessorised.

It is the details added to what you are wearing that can make the  same dress go from office wear to party wear, from a sunny picnic dress to a candle light dinner one,  and so on. 

It is easy to imagine that a combo of, say, a white blouse and a pair of black trousers could be styled into almost anything, or that in order for a dress to change it’s look completely it would have to be rather neutral. But you can pretty much change the look of almost any garment, regardless of it’s pattern or style and how distinguished you may have thought the item to be, to suit different occasions and to create different moods.

Think top and bottom - what you wear on your feet and what you wear on your head; how you style your hair,  make up a big part of your over all style. Often just changing or adding two things can be enough, to create a new  look with the same dress. 

Lipstick can feel like such a small detail but it can be that one thing that makes turns the switch from day to evening ready. Change from boots to heels and fancy fancy up your hair and you are wearing a completely different dress already.

Or put on some head gear and shoes in a colour that pops for a completely different feel.

A cardigan and Mary Janes with a striped dress for a cute day-to-day look turns more edgy with a black beret and black boots.

Do you love to play around with styles and details? What are your favourite tricks when it comes to accessorising,  and what are your favourite accessories? 

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