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Sustainability 101:  </br> A beginners’ guide to sustainably and stylish living

Sustainability 101:
A beginners’ guide to sustainably and stylish living

To celebrate our first ever blog, we’re going to combine two of our favourite topics together, “sustainability” and “style”.

There are so many problems arising from mass consumption which we as the brand and you, as the consumer, together can do our part to try and fix.

Quite often we don’t know how to start. More importantly, many of us might feel that we have to sacrifice some style to become more sustainable - that’s not always the case! 

We found that it’s actually quite easy to start adopting a more sustainable way of life while still looking fab! Here are a few tips:

1. Of course, Go Vintage!

Some fabrics age better than others and generally “Fast Fashion” brands use lower quality materials which don’t last long and end up in landfill quicker.  Reducing how much you buy and of course buying vintage or secondhand is one of the easiest ways to shop sustainably.  Luckily most vintage clothes were made in a time where quality, strength, and duration was still the norm.  

 2. Use tote bag instead of plastic bag

Remembering to bring a tote bag before leaving the house to avoid using plastic bag from shops is a quick win in terms of reducing your plastic consumption. A bag is definitely an important item that can complete a look and there a lots of options out there which can be both practical and stylish. Having a few options of different shapes, sizes and styles is a way you can be stylish and reduce plastic waste at the same time.   

3. Wear washable fabric mask

 Disposable masks are causing massive plastic waste, so washable fabric masks are a more sustainable choice. Due to the pandemic, there are now lots of different types of masks to choose from. Remember to choose one with good quality material that will last. If you are looking for one, we also have an organic face mask made from water hyacinth and breathable cotton that will fit with most outfits.  Get one here 

4. Try reusable cotton pads

Disposable cotton pads and makeup wipes are significant contributors to landfill waste - reusable pads can be a good solution to this. They are usually made from microfiber fabric which is very easy to clean (even waterproof mascara!), they are very durable and can last for months or years. They are a good way to save money, as buying a reusable wipes work out much cheaper in the long run. 

We can all just start living more sustainably little by little, one step at a time.  The key is to find the right balance for yourself.  And lastly, don’t forget we can also be stylish and sustainable at the same time!


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