Lost in Botanical Garden

Hi guys, It's me Tarn, I hope you are all well and healthy. 

We are all reaching the end of a tough 2021 but remember you are amazing!! 

So much has happened for us over the last month or so... Our retail shop in BKK has re-opened, we did a photo shoot with our beautiful models and have put together our "dream come true" Lookbook. 

The reason I call it "dream come true" Lookbook is because it was so hard to find the perfect time and place to do it, especially with the Covid-19 situation here.

It felt so lucky to find a venue near our house and the owner of the place is very nice and kind. 

We spent only one working day and it was really hot but we needed to pretend it was just a warm sunny day hahaha. 😂

We hand picked several different types of vintage clothes for your inspiration including dresses, blouses, skirts and jeans....  from formal to casual, to give a nice variety of styles.  

I hope you like them and we will try our best to make more of these Lookbooks for you guys to get inspired by Sugar Cream Vintage. 

Thanks for your support and hope you stay safe and well, wherever you are. 

T a r n  &  T e r n

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